This 5 Day TT Challenge has helped 3826 career-driven women to slim down WITHOUT giving up chocolatecounting calories or doing any exercise.

works even if you're busy
you'll only need 15 minutes per day!

You'll learn how to

Slim down without hunger or cravings. Stop the evening snacking by keeping chocolate in your diet!
✅ Ditch the bloat without worrying about counting calories.
Avoid raiding the fridge while cooking dinner by using quick and simple recipes that taste so good you’d think a chef had prepared them.

Tone up without exercise. Meal prep really is the most important workout!

Better yet. I REALLY wanna help
So I'm making the challenge 100% FREE!

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KICK OFF: Friday 4th December

I’m Dr Aileen, 

A medical Doctor based in Aberdeen, Scotland.

Over the last 4 and a half years I've helped thousands of career driven women to repair their relationship with food so they can slim down and reclaim their confidence in their skinny jeans.

Let’s be honest… who has the time to meticulously count calories when you're slammed at work?
It's just not possible to fit in the gym around a crazy schedule!

Imagine you could slim down whilst still enjoying chocolate...

Click the link below to join my 5 Day TT Challenge to learn how.
The Results...
Career driven women use the 5 Day TT Challenge 
to slim down without giving up chocolate,
 counting calories or doing any exercise...
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